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Mariam Atefi, Realtor Associate

I have been a real estate agent since 1992 and have bought and sold many houses for my clients. I am a good negotiator so most of the time I can win the contract. I am very sincere and fair with my clients.

If you want to sell your house:

I will help you make the house presentable for the market through my connections with contractors and professionals.

I also show the house prices available and sold in your area so you can judge a reasonable price for a fast sale.

I use various advertising methods. I will advertise your house in the newspaper, I hold open houses, I send out flyers, and I add your house on my site on the Houses page, which is distributed to the internet community.

If you want to buy a house:

I will show you all the available houses in the area of your interest.

I will well inform you of the correct prices so we can come up with a good price to offer.

When the offer is accepted, I walk you through the process, helping you with inspections.

If a loan is needed, I can connect you with lenders I know.

I have a masters degree in both Business and English Literature, and I have the experience to feel confident I can balance the business and the sensitive part of real estate.

My goal is to leave my client satisfied and make the process easy and comforting for them. My repetitive clients prove this fact. I also cut my commisions to help my clients!